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From Healing Hands to Steering Auto Dealership Business: Dr. Ranjana Bansal's Inspiring Journey from Medicine to Ashok Auto’s Triumph

Spreading its wings in Northern India, Ashok Auto, today stands as a flourishing manifestation of Dr. Ranjana Bansal's vision that took root in the year 1989.

Dr. Bansal’s story is an inspiring tale about turning the impossible into possible. It is also a story about defying societal stereotypes, an indomitable spirit, and transcending beyond boundaries. Hailing from an affluent Marwadi family in Agra, Dr. Bansal pursued her dreams and achieved super specialization in Obstetrics and Gynecology with the intention to serve the community throughout her life.

It was an unfortunate fatal road accident involving her closest family members that turned Dr. Bansal's world upside down. It was at this point when Dr. Bansal took over the entrepreneurial steering wheel of the family run automotive dealership business.

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She further adds, "I then decided that I will stand for my family, and I wholeheartedly committed myself to lead Ashok Auto's dealership business across 9 districts in Northern Indian, including regions plagued by anti-social forces. I persevered, breaking through the silos of gender biases, determined to pave the way for success."

During her initial journey, Tata Motors extended every possible support and guidance, enabling her to grow the dealership business, overtaking all inbound challenges, Dr. Bansal emphasis.

Today, Ashok Auto is a leading and preferred dealer for all Tata Motors commercial vehicle segments with a strong market presence in northern India.

Diversifying Ashok Auto’s foray, Dr. Bansal started Ashok Auto Finance to enable customers to avail of finance options.Tata Motors Finance became her trusted partner, providing an extension of support to her business expansion.

As a strong financing arm, Tata Motors Finance enabled Dr. Bansal to explore uncharted territories, serving high-risk customers and venturing into geographical areas where other commercial vehicle financiers would not enter, she highlights.

Highlighting TMF's role, Dr. Bansal says, “Tata Motors Finance is a one-stop financial support system, effectively addressing the diverse needs of the commercial vehicle ecosystem. Its comprehensive range of financial offerings is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of commercial vehicle operators. Furthermore, my association with Tata Motors Finance has been truly remarkable over the years, making it an outstanding company to be affiliated with."

Dr. Bansal's success mantra revolves around the core values of passion, hard work, and a strong moral compass. She believes in enjoying the journey, embracing challenges, and upholding a strong work ethic.

Driven by her immense passion for the industry and her unwavering commitment to achieving excellence, she has meticulously laid a strong foundation for her business.

As of today, Dr. Bansal is expanding the territorial frontiers of Ashok group of companies and simultaneously venturing back to her roots through her societal projects, enabling free to affordable healthcare facilities to the needy.

Dr. Bansal's inspiring journey stands as a powerful testament to the incredible power of passion, unwavering determination, and the relentless pursuit of one's dreams, even in the face of daunting challenges. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and her strong value system have propelled her towards remarkable achievements in the automotive industry.