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Enjoyment, Earnings, and Excellent Business: Nitin Gupta, DSA, Owner, Shri Balaji Finance, Shares Insights on his Partnership with Tata Motors Finance

Stepping into the Auto arena in the year 2000, Nitin Gupta saw a promising opportunity to scale a business, starting with two-wheeler financing.

With unwavering determination and a crystal-clear vision, Nitin diligently built a rock-solid foundation and swiftly emerged as an exemplary Direct Selling Agent (DSA) in the flourishing realm of India's Northern region.

As the wings of Shri Balaji Finance spread, Nitin ventured into the world of commercial vehicle finance, seeking new opportunities for expansion.

In 2014, a remarkable opportunity came knocking on Nitin Gupta's door - an association with Tata Motors Finance. This partnership presented him with exciting prospects for growth and collaboration.

Over the years, Nitin had proven himself to be a dedicated and reliable professional, gaining valuable experience along the way.

Nitin Gupta

Today, people identify me with Tata Motors Finance in the market. My business has grown exponentially ever since I've associated with Tata Motors Finance, says

Nitin Gupta, DSA, Owner, Shri Balaji Finance.

Nitin Gupta focused primarily on the Panipat region, working diligently to strengthen a dependable customer base. Today, Shri Balaji Finance has its footprint in demand rich regions of North India including Delhi, Sonipat, Haryana.

Over the years, Shri Balaji Finance has forged strategic relationships with both retail and strategic clients, with a particular focus towards medium and heavy commercial vehicle (MNHCV) segments. On the other hand, Nitin's brother, Manish Gupta, took charge of the intermediate, light, small commercial vehicle (ILSCV) segment, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the market.

Throughout his business journey, Nitin faced various challenges. However, Nitin acknowledges that Tata Motors Finance's commitment to honoring hard work and providing a supportive environment for growth stood out as a key differentiating factor.

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Nitin Gupta's dedication and unwavering effort not only brought him financial growth but also improved his overall quality of life. Nitin strongly believes in building strong relationships with his customers, recognizing the pivotal role they played in his journey towards success.

I have majorly grown following my association with Tata Motors Finance. Moreover, some of my customers also believe that trucks financed by Tata Motors Finance prove to be a profitable Choice, says

Nitin Gupta, DSA, Owner, Shri Balaji Finance.

Shri Balaji Finance's monthly disbursements reach an impressive figure of INR 50 Crores, with around INR 30 to INR 40 Crores facilitated through Tata Motors Finance. Additionally, INR 10 to INR 12 Crores came from used vehicle finance, around INR 20 Crores from new vehicle finance, and the remaining INR 10 to INR 12 crores sourced through other banks,

My association with Tata Motors Finance has been a source of immense enjoyment, substantial earnings, and exceptional business opportunities, highlights Nitin Gupta, with utmost satisfaction and gratitude.

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Looking ahead, Nitin Gupta envisions substantial business growth in collaboration with Tata Motors Finance. Over the next 4 to 5 years, he aims to reach disbursements of 80 to 90 Crores, with a significant focus of up to 40% disbursement in the Used Vehicle finance segment. Driven by an unwavering belief in the enduring demand for logistics, Nitin Gupta strategically focused on regions such as Haryana, Punjab, and Delhi, covering a radius of 200 km. This targeted approach allowed him to establish a robust customer base, comprising over 1200 clients. Nitin's reputation as a trusted partner in the industry grew stronger, cementing his position as a key player.

Reflecting on his journey, Nitin Gupta shares his success mantra- a combination of smart work and hard work. He acknowledges the paramount importance of building and nurturing relationships in the long run. These core principles have been instrumental in his achievements and continue to guide him towards future accomplishments.